Fanuc 32i control, X axis mm, Y axis mm, Z axis mm, 2 pallets, x mm pallet size, rpm direct drive spindle speed, 40 station ATC. KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by Meridian Machinery, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Wisconsin, United States – # KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by RAB Industries, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Michigan, United States – #

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Kiwa KH-45 cnc horizontal milling machine

Originally Posted by dstryr. First round is on kiw Granulators – Shredders – Pulverizers What brand you gonna get? Originally Posted by Dave Cross. I came up on a deal from a guy who sold his company. The K figure seems awfully high for a mm HMC, even with those options.

Something doesn’t add up. But I did pick up a job that they keep 7 verticals 10 hours 5 days a week busy that we weren’t suppose to start till we move in 2 months. I’d want to know if there is an outstanding balance on a lease or kiqa agreement.

I am getting a quote on the today. You can arrange your operations and rapid moves to minimize wasted motion. I don’t think a similarly equipped Makino Kj-45 setup would even break I feel a shop needs to have one of each so that is the goal! Far as I can tell, no one called “Lawman” has contributed to this thread. As noted, I was nice, but direct.



Unless you pay up for a pallet-changer, you will have more idle-time changing parts You would think not, but with the damn NC4 laser in the matts, it wont work. He sold his company and the company brought everything but the horizontal. This is a production machine We aren’t really a production house as our orders are small and most of the shit I get takes 3 ops on a horizontal due to part design. May not be the pretty, but it is a realistic view of HMC ownership in that class of machine.

They got me again Gary. Time is way faster and ku-45 had any chip issues. Not checking isn’t a option I agree, its batshit crazy.

Some machinery may show as “Call for Price” due to our customer’s request of confidentiality.

Needless to say Selway did them dirty. Fiber Optic Machines 1. Tooling I’m klwa was included but I know the fixture wasn’t. These axes are used to smoothly follow a contoured surface, making the 5-axis machine prevalent in the aerospace industry.

That worked out well for the previous owner, if you catch my point. Which of course makes for two folks looking at big hardware–albeit LawMan is three years removed. You want us to believe that? Using Exapro is super easy, here is how it works. Cutting to the chase, the price is not realistic–suspecting it was originally a package deal with programming and yada, yada, mh-45 I’m not in the position like Glen is to where I need what he has yet.


Now getting the dude comment.

Kiwa KH-45 Horizontal Machining Centre

Rotary Die Cutters 1. Home Metal – machine tools Milling – cnc horizontal milling machines. We couldnt get enough look ahead in it kh–45 surfacing tho Need to see our prices? This new line is competitively priced and offers pallet sizes ranging from to 1, millimeters to handle a large range of part sizes.

So Ih-45 think this machine could really come in handy for this since there super simple parts anyways. This has been a hit and miss for me. Originally Posted by bjorn toulouse. Next stop on the hit parade–you are talking a 28, pound monster.

It seems like a good deal and I pick up a new job that I could use this on. Eric U Yes in the this thread he was talking to Glen.

I feel you can run more complex parts easier and setup faster then on a horizontal. Thank GOD we rented it and didn’t buy it. So I think this machine could really come in handy for ,iwa since there super simple parts anyways.