*Happily cuddles the children; Paubari next to her* I shall name you Labaw Donggon, this one’s. Humadapnon and you, Dumalapdap. Buyung Paubari: My dear. The musical revolves around Labaw Donggon, a demigod in an epic poem called the Hinilawod from the island of Panay in the Philippines. It chronicles his . Hinilawod is an epic poem orally transmitted from early inhabitants of a place called Sulod in . When he reached adulthood, Labaw Donggon, the eldest of the triplets, decided to go on a quest to find himself a wife. He heard of the beauty of.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adventures of Humadapnon chanted by Hugan-an and recorded by Dr. Click here to sign up.

Fortunately for Alunsina and her husband, her sister, Suklang Malayon Goddess and Guardian of Happy Homes discovered the evil plot and warned them of it.

Garangan in Calinog’s mountainous areas.

Labaw Donggon | Rocel Mae –

vonggon But though Labaw Donggon submerges Saragnayan into the water for seven years and puts him on top of a stone and beats him with coconut trunks, he cannot kill Saragnayan. With him was Dumasig, the most powerful wrestler in Madya-as. During the ritual, Bungot-Banwa burned some alanghiran fronds and a pinch of kamangyan incense in an altar that he made himself.

Buyung Saragnayan played an important symbolism dohggon the epic for he is somehow interpreted as the things that Labaw Donggon needed to change, the mistakes and wrong doings that he has done. Labaw Donggon had to pass by plains, valleys and mountains to get there. These worshippers would stealthily enter a certain cave in Dingle in the evening of pabaw certain day of the year, in order to render homage and to offer chickens, doves, rice, bananas, and pigs to the ancient Visayan god.


Right Photo by Jojit Lorenzo. Labaw Donggon dresses in his best, as usual, and after gazing into a “crystal ball” to know how Malitung Yawa looks, sails upward in his magic boat to the land of the sun. The dungeon was able to reflect on dlnggon unlikely things he has done.

The Epic of Labaw Donggon

Upon reaching home, Labaw Donggon asked his mother to take care of his new wife and told her that he will be going on another quest. Help Center Find new research papers in: It was during one of those trips to the upland barrios of Lambunao, Maasin, Janiuay, and Calinog in Iloilo that his attention was called to a long and popular tale called Hinilawod.

Labaw Donggon ventured north, Humadapnon went south, and Dumalapdap embarked to the west. It took three weeks to complete the recording of the hour epic poem. Together they traveled the same path that Labaw Donggon took. Humadapnon rose to the challenge and took off his magic cape. Please enter your email address.

And down below in the underworld, Anggoy Doronoon has also given birth to a son, Buyung Baranugun. Lanaw Donggon held Saragnayan’s head underwater for seven years but Saragnayan still lived.

Being of semi-divine birth, the three possess extraordinary powers. He then dragged his body donggoj from the place and managed to escape. After many years of fighting, Labaw Donggon weakens and Saragnayan eventually defeats him, binds his arms and feet, and puts him inside a pig pen below his kitchen.

Landa Jocano, Metro Manila: The couple was ecstatic and Datu Paubari prepared the albaw needed for childbirth including the siklot. The sons kill the boar and eats it’s heart, rendering Saragnayan mortal. This epic, which is orally transmitted from one donggob to another, is still very much a part of the culture of the Sulod Nation in the mountains of Jamindan, Capiz. The journey to Handug took several days.


Buyung Baranugon finally kills Saragnayan by plunging poisoned arrows on both Saragnayan’s eyes. Seeing how remorseful he is, Labing Anyag agreed.

The brothers do meet, Asu Mangga riding on a magic boat and Baranugun walking on the sea. The brothers were enraged and killed all the guests and the groom.

The Epic of Labaw Donggon (of the Sulod people of Central Panay) | Philippines:

Adventures of Humadapnonchanted by Hugan-an and recorded by Dr. His sons left for different parts of the world after the feast. Dumalapdap fought with the Uyutang for seven months.

Learn this Filipino word: Both sons went in search of their father a few days after they were born. Not long after his donhgon to Ginbitinan, Labaw Donggon hears about another beautiful woman, Anggoy Doronoon, of the underworld, and conceives a desire to court her.

Bathala Kan-Laon Mangindusa Kabunian. Wikipedia articles with style issues from January All articles with style issues. They returned to the plains and settled near the mouth of the Halawod River after the flood has subsided and lived in secrecy. Languages Italiano Edit links. With that, it indicates that marriage for them is really an important ritual and that they have a process followed.

Humadapnon swore to the gods of Madya-as and vowed that he would seek revenge on all of Saragnayan’s kinsmen and followers. Amihan Bakunawa Mayari Tala. When he finally arrived, he asked for an donggoon with Anggoy Ginbitinan’s mother and asked for her hand in marriage. Humadapnon eventually married the goddess of greed and brought her home to his mother.