1 Digitized by Google Original from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE IN WORLD WAR who wrote in French on certain aspects of. Propaganda Technique in World War I deals primarily with problems of of a comprehensive theory of propaganda adds another dimension to Lasswell’s study. , , English, Book edition: Propaganda technique in the World War / by Harold D. Lasswell. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Harold D. Lasswell.

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He very pro- perly lays it down that propaganda should be well written for whaJeYgr audience it is intended. The legislatures discussed the details of propaganda administration rather freely during the last War.

Longworth Representative from Ohio. La Croix published an interpretation of the War on August 15th. The defence given by Mr. Masterly appeals to the national interest, after the style of The Times on 31st July, were necessary to ;ropaganda conviction to the more articulate elements of the community that Germany should be treated lasswekl an immediate and overwhelming menace. Such a further statement would naturally receive equally warm welcome.

The people must be left nothing but their eyes to weep with over the war.

The curious fact that in such emergencies the truth seekers find different truths, and that the differences are territorially segregated according to national boundaries, is once more exemplified in the Oxford War pamphlets, the Princeton symposium, or the Chicago war series, when they are placed side by side with the German literature alluded to above.

It is a colossal duel between the Germans agains t the Latins and the Slavs. A Parisian Liberal writes the letter and gives his opinion as to the posi- tion of his party toward the German question, express- ing himself in the manner usual in statements of that kind.


Finally the negotiations arrived at a point at which their successful issue depended mainly on the immediate publication by the British Govern- ment of a statement setting forth their war aims.

Propaganda Technique In The World War

Those who had charge of the Berlin propaganda, on the other hand, made very little of such occurrences on the enemy side, e. The use of Dum-Dum Bullets and the like. It is more ambitious in that it has under- taken to evolve an explicit theory of how international war propaganda may be conducted with success. The pros and cons of Weltpolitik follow her everywhere. England was no longer the land of liberty, but the slave of a vicious oligarchy.

It was, in fact, a moral chaos. The historians and the other seekers of the truth were no more reticent than their German colleagues in putting the blame on the enemy for the calamity of war, once war came. It was designed to reach the civilian and oropaganda fighting population.

The only hope lies in confidential and technque relations between administrators and legislators, supplemented by an appeal to publicity when the legislator can justify such conduct to his own conscience. But, however the world pretends to divide itself, there are only two divisions in the world to-day — human beings and Germans. The human values and sentiments are left to atrophy for want of stimulation.

Propaganda technique in World War I / [by] Harold D. Lasswell – Details – Trove

In spite of the efforts of the Allied governments to suppress the knowledge of these incriminating documents in Great Britain, word soon reached the British labour leaders, and they bestirred themselves to force a show-down from the government.

Take the Director of Propaganda for Switzer- land — Lasswel. Unfortunately, however, the State Department then published an equally favourable report, which, coming from the American Embassy and published with the approval of the Foreign Office in Berlin, caused the complete collapse of Dr.


The police are boorish and haughty. The cry of German propaganda, in France was loud and insistent. Shall It Be Again? The Germans were heaping up a vast literature of self-exaltation about the theme, Kultur.

Propaganda Technique in the World War

The Times, it may be added, did not succumb to this pressure, although certain members of the Cabinet were strongly moved by it.

Pfopaganda peoples everywhere are compelling us to our just defence. Thus, by a circularity of psychological reaction the guilty is the satanic and the satanic is the guilty.

Meanwhile, the economic groups of Germany swarmed with visions of tangible expansion in every direction.

Clinical psychology is too rudi- mentary to carry an imposing superstructure. Where in the wide world do our interests clash with Germany? If this news were handled through a central clearing house, techmique could be distributed over a period of time and nullified by the more favourable aspects of the general situation.

The good life is not in the mighty rushing wind of public sentiment. Missing, Carried off as prisoners, Wounded, Arms cut off or broken. There must be no ambiguity ” about whom the public is to hate. This permits the scrupulous to kill with a clean conscience ; or, at least, to admonish the younger propagnda do so. When the lasswll of the matter are allowed for, the British sys- tem clearly made no distinction between Northcliffe and Beaverbrook, for instance, who both had direct access to the Prime Minister and the War Cabinet.

Be the first to add this to a list. She violated the neutrality of Belgium in the face of a solemn promise to protect it.