Les Hurons préfèrent utiliser le terme Wendat pour se désigner. Il reste aujourd’ hui une seule communauté wendat reconnue dans tout le Canada, celle de. Site de la Nation huronne-wendat. Revendications territoriales, culture et patrimoine, tourisme, développement économique et services sociaux. Les Mosaicultures du Peuple Wendat. 3 Reviews. #8 of 8 things to do in Wendake · Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Biking Trails. Corridor des Cheminots et.

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Although Congress intended to have a deadline by which Indian claims had to be settled, Federal district courts continued to hear land claim and other cases for compensation. Pincushions of various shapes were made by women from several Aboriginal nations. Between andthe Haudenosaunee dispersed the Algonquians from the Ottawa Valley and attacked the eastern Huron-Wendat villages. The visitor could indicate the reason for a visit simply by folding one corner of the card, which was then placed on a tray, a plate or some other container set out wenat this purpose.

Heidenreich, The Canadian Encyclopedias. It is attractively decorated with moosehair embroidery.

Men also bought them for themselves as souvenirs. Huron-Wendat women looked to Victorian-era fashions in creating all sorts of objects using traditional materials. It was in that the newspaper L’Opinion publique published the above description of smoking hides.



See also Indigenous Languages in Canada. The materials used to make snowshoes have evolved, and the traditional wooden variety is becoming more and more rare. Huron-Wendat women developed the art of embroidery using moosehair to make, among other things, decorations for clothing.

This property is closed Report incorrect address Suggest edits. He is seen here with his hunting gear including his snowshoes and a Huron-Wendat pouch made from a moose’s foot.

Wendat (langue) — Wikipédia

Iroquois women fashioned pincushions in a variety of shapes. Reviewed October 14, Lawrence Valley and estuary to the Great Lakes region. The famous photographer William Notman re-created in his studio, for documentary purposes, typical hunting scenes of the Huron-Wendat. One example is this “cup made from the burl of a birch or cherry tree, the favoured species for such objects.

Inside is an inscription in ink that reads: Seal hunting and the use of their fur and hide by the Huron-Wendat and the Malecite grew in popularity in the 20th century.

Its embroidered floral motifs are elaborate and the colours from plant dyes are vivid. In the event, the northern shore of Lake Ontario came under the control of the Wendqt.

Wendat (langue)

Huron-Wendat women from Wendake and the Ursuline sisters of Quebec Oes practised the art of embroidery with moosehair, using it to decorate pretty birchbark containers and other objects. These “soft shoes” were made by Maurice Bastien, a businessman from Wendake and owner of Bastien Brothers, a company that gained international fame. With the adaptation of the Huron-Wendat to the new living conditions resulting from urbanization, society at large unfortunately assumed that their acculturation was a fait accompli.


Wdndat the Draper Site, near Pickering, Ontario and the larger Mantle Site villages are also in territory that may be either the Neutral people or Tobacco people ‘s lands.

Boyden, The Orenda In response, Huron-Wendat women began producing hand-made novelty objects that would meet this market demand. Birchbark containers embroidered with moosehair were one of the specialties of Huron-Wendat women. Huron Village, formerly known as Lorette, has long been the home territory of the Huron-Wendat.

Les Mosaicultures du Peuple Wendat. An article in L’Opinion publique for April-May noted that the contracts were for “providing snowshoes, shoes, mittens, tobagons sic and Indian sleds to the soldiers, who benefit greatly from them. The colours of objects decorated with porcupine quills and embroidered moosehair, coloured with natural dyes, retain their brightness even today, as seen by this birchbark tray magnificently decorated in the style of the time. It is decorated with a variety of embroidery stitches, including a straight stitch on the edges.