Hot Racing Losi Mini LST aluminum rear knuckle MLT $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Revised one peace rear knuckle, just like the big brother LST 2. Hit the roads, terrain with the Losi Mini LST2 radio controlled truck. Boasted with Losi radio system along with Spektrum GHz DSM technology, you can run. 1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR LOSB Losi Electric Cars and Trucks Horizon Hobby.

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1/18 Mini-LST2 Monster Truck RTR

Four Drive hub and pin. The accessory bag includes a sticker to lsi you determine what channel you have the radio set to, so you’ll want to apply it soon after pulling the truck out of the box.

The motors are closed endbell units, which mean that they are non-rebuildable. The small switch allows you to easily shut the truck’s onboard electronics on or off with the body installed. The tooth spur lisi is sandwiched between a disk-based slipper clutch setup, to protect it. We’ll discuss this in more detail later. Soft inserts inside the tire support its shape, yet still allow the tire to flex very well to provide lots of traction.

I have also ordered a few upgrades and I will be talking more about them when they arrive. The truck simply behaves as if it were a larger scale vehicle despite the short wheelbase. At the time of this writing, I let say that no other mini has come close to achieving what the Mini-LST has. Despite the fact the truck’s stance would have had it plowing through the leaves, it managed to pull itself close to the top and run right on through.

Other mini-manufacturers should stand up and take notice, as this is how it should be done. Aluminum brace plates support the bottom of the truck, while being connected by plastic rails on their upper side. The shocks are also bottom fill units as well, in typical Losi fashion. The electronic speed control has the reliability and power handling capability to ensure that the motors provide stunning performance.


This part attaches to the center of the mino and holds the transmission gears. Losi designed the radio’s grip to fit both smaller and larger hands, so it has a unique characteristic to it.

DSM technology offers numerous benefits over traditional systems: I had no issues and was able to leave them at the center position. I’m sure there are several power-hungry lt Mini-LST owners looking at dropping a brushless system into the truck. In order to harness the intense power of the twin-motor drivetrain, Losi designed solid metal ring and pinion differential gears. From the moment you pull the Mini-LST out of the box, you’ll be stunned with the attention to detail.

Blue T6 aluminum construction. More items related to this product.

The Mini-LST cleared it beautifully, flying fairly nice and level. If you have trouble tweaking or breaking pieces in your suspension then replace your knuckles with min That is because the truck was designed to have as many of the suspension components interchangeable as possible.

Losi: 1/18 Mini-LST2 Monster Truck RTR: Losi (LOSB)

The steering breaks all the time and the truck is a pain to work on. I bought one of these because I’ve owned the losi Micro and Mini-T and both were a blast and were super durable. Make sure the truck’s switch is set to the off position before plugging the pack into the ESC. This truck is poised to shake up the RC world in much the same manner the Mini-T did a few years ago.

The Mini-LST2 features two powerful Frenzy motors, offering more torque and power than any other mini truck.


Losi: Support: Customer, Product, Website.

A split Y-style extension cable ties the servo to the receiver, and the connecting point for this cable and each of the servos is adhered to the servo with a small piece of double-sided tape. While the radio is basic overall, there’s one feature it has which sets it apart from other RTR radios out there. The body comes in a total of three colors that have a metallic finish to them. For quicker back to back runs, you may want to invest in a peak charger to speed up your recharging times.

However, this didn’t really deter me, as full laps weren’t a necessary course of action. While nothing rivals the size of the shocks found on the full-size LST, the Mini-LST shares something in common with its larger sibling. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The tires offered quite a bit of traction as well, forcing me to be careful when turning on the pavement at speed. In fact it’s the same as the Mini-T. A ball stud on each servo saver connects the servo to the linkage on the suspension assembly.

Suspension Travel Losi engineers scaled the LST2 suspension down to deliver the most advanced mini monster slt handling available, without cutting corners on performance. With two main inputs available on the lzt, it can easily control and give full proportion to both forward movement as well as steering.

See the Mini-LST in action! I was a little surprised by the fact that the front end didn’t really pull up in a wheelie, despite the power it had. However there are a couple items that may puzzle someone not familiar with this particular model.